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Aug 24, 2022

Nicole Gauthier is the Founder of Wicked Holdings, a real estate investment

company focused on social change and community empowerment. She’s a multifamily real estate investor currently invested in 174 doors, a mommy of 2, and a woman dedicated to helping educate others on the concept of generational wealth and financial

literacy skills. She provides opportunities for passive investors to diversify their assets into multifamily investments so that they too can live a life of abundance and financial independence. She has also set out on a mission to help single moms in abusive and/or adverse situations leave those environments. Although she’s in the early stages of growing her portfolio, she plans to use real estate as a tool to ensure safe, clean, and more stable environments for these families and the ability for them to grow and seek new opportunities. Throughout her journey, she is sharing real estate knowledge and helping to teach financial literacy skills to improve the lives of others.

1:30- How Nicole got into multi-family investing

5:00 - Why Nicole walked away from work after getting her Degree

6:00 - Nicole on why she chooses to work 

7:30 - Nicole on being a Mother of 2

8:10 - How Real Estate became part of Nicole’s life

10:30 - Why Nicole named her company Wicked Holdings

11:40 - How one family in a home without heat started it all for Nicole

15:00 - The types of Real Estate investors you want to work with

17:05 - Multi-Family investments

18:30 - Nicole’s dream of creating a facility for single mothers

19:30 - Build-to-rent opportunities

22:30 - Benefits of choice

23:15 - Being Brilliant

24:45 - Connecting with Nicole

25:10 - Access to a free guide on passive investing


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