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Oct 6, 2022

Ivan has been an entrepreneur since he was seven years old, selling candy to his friends in Argentina.  As he grew older, he continued his business efforts, and in 2014, not speaking a word of English, he brought his passion for helping to America. His intention to help led him to the discovery of a unique approach to stabilize families in their own homes; this is when Philanthroinvesting, now spanning the globe in 16 countries, was born.  Ivan’s zeal to “Philanthroinvest'' drove his 2014 creation of Equity & Help®, a turn-key social-impact real estate investing program resulting in the Inc. 500 for two years: in 2019 at #128 in the nation, rising to #83 in 2020; and in 2020 ranking #3 in Florida, with a 3-year growth of 3,920%.

He and his team met those achievements while turning exceptional profits for their Real Estate Philanthroinvestors. Ivan is intent on doing good by doing well like he has proven can be done in real estate for 10 other industries in need of improvement. Driven by the need for pivotal action towards saving Earth’s water, Ivan Anz joined OriginClear’s Board of Advisors to attract high net worth attention to the company’s exceptional technology and vision, and to help clear the way to NASDAQ listing.

1:30 - How Ivan became an entrepreneur 

2:20 - Ivan’s family history of philanthropy

3:45 - History of PhilanthroInvestors

5:15 - Launching Equity and Help, Inc. 

6:15 - Connecting investors with humanitarian causes

7:20 - What God told Ivan while he was showering in 2019

12:00 - Connecting financial investors

13:15 - Why water is the new gold

16:20 - The world’s water problem

18:45 - Water as an asset

26:45 - Preventing ocean pollution

30:00 - Food accessibility

33:00 - The myth of passive income

41:20 - Ivan’s book, Housing PhilanthroInvesting

43:00 - How to win a copy of Housing PhilanthroInvesting