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Nov 29, 2023

What if you could work remotely from a sandy beach in Mexico, a charming café in Paris, or a zen retreat in Bali? For physician turned digital nomad Dr. Goins, this is her everyday reality.


After experiencing a pivotal moment of burnout, Dr. Goins left a lucrative career path to craft her own version of practice on the road less taken. She joins host Dr. Felicia to share the step-by-step journey that led her to a laptop lifestyle with both professional flexibility and financial stability.


Whether you feel stuck on the medical treadmill or have a nagging travel bug you want to scratch, this conversation will open your mind to what’s possible for physicians seeking lifestyle design freedom.

00:00 - Dr. Goins' Early Realization of Her Passion for Travelling

07:26 - The Pivotal Moment of Leaving the Job

15:19 - How Dr. Goins' Funded Her Freedom Quest

18:23 - Essentialism for Money Alignment and Values

22:04 - Why All Doctors Have Transferable Skills Beyond Medicine

26:06 - How She Runs Her Own Online Psychiatry Practice Remotely

33:13 - Closing Segment

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Eric Jerome Dickey


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“Time is a precious commodity that we think we have, but we're never going to get this time back.”  -  Kristine Goins


“That's the thing. You're not stuck. If you decide this isn't what you want to do, all you have to do is decide what you want to do and then go for it.”  -  Felecia Froe