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Dec 27, 2023

Can we really teach our kids about money through play? In this episode, Tyler believes so. He created Kudosy, a 'financial playground' app designed to give kids hands-on money experience while shaping positive behaviors.


Tyler, a seasoned entrepreneur with a business strategy degree from Brigham Young University and a master's from Boston University, is passionate about serving people at scale through software. He created Kudosy to solve the financial literacy crisis in America and strengthen families globally.

00:00 - The Power of Perspective

05:49 - Development of Kudosy App

14:28 - Kudosy App Overview

19:32 - Parental Involvement and Learning

24:13 - Financial Playground for Families

30:29 - Ideal Age of Using the Kudosy App 

Resources Mentioned


Kudosy Family Wallet


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"Kudosy App is a financial playground that allows kids to experience and learn about money in a fun and interactive way." - Tyler Nicholls


"When [kids] earn these kudos...They have the experience and the joy of earning them themselves and then deciding how they want to spend them." - Tyler Nicholls