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Nov 9, 2022

Dr Latifat is a practicing Gastroenterologist and founder of The Money Coaching school for badass women physicians. She combines her knowledge of personal finance and skills as a certified life coach to help women have money. Her goal is that every woman will learn money and have the financial freedom to live life & practice medicine on their own terms.


1:00 - Turning Latifat’s hobby into a business

4:00 - Staying simple, non-judgemental, and reproducible

4:30 - How and why Latifat didn’t have to worry about money during the pandemic

6:30 - Being intentional with money vs having money just to have money

9:30 - Going from where you are to where you want to be

12:00 - Being OK with not knowing “what’s next”

14:00 - Using money as a gift and as a power of choice

15:50 - Finding value through experiences

17:50 - Active investing

19:30 - 13 doors in 2 states

22:30 - Money school for women physicians

23:30 - The relationship with yourself, your money, and the combination

24:15 - Women elevating other women

25:00 - Connecting with Latifat


How to have money left at the end of the money.


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