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Dec 7, 2022

Riggs Eckelberry is the founder and CEO of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear. Just prior to founding the company, in 2008, he helped drive security software company CyberDefender to an IPO on the NASDAQ as its President and Chief Operating Officer. Beginning in 2014, he and his team developed a series of transformative businesses which OriginClear manages in its role as the Clean Water Innovation Hub™.

The growing issues surrounding public and private water supply make it obvious that we can no longer rely on government and multinational corporations to take care of our water needs. OriginClear’s mission is to serve the ever-growing consumer audience with a series of revolutionary offerings to bring about clean, abundant water everywhere.

Being the son of an international businessman, Eckelberry learned management in the nonprofit space and as a commercial ship captain and officer. He enjoys skiing and sailing and enabling the water industry to respond to the fast-changing conditions of our time.

3:15 - The drive to fix water

6:45 - 50% of the world having water scarcity by 2050

9:25 - Infrastructure problems

14:45 - How to find the contaminants in your water

15:45 - Do store bought water filters work?

18:30 - Working with developers and businesses to provide clean water

19:15 - Water on demand 

23:00 - Water as a service

24:45 - Investing in water as a service

30:00 - Connecting with Riggs