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Dec 13, 2023

Imagine a life where your money works tirelessly for you, opening the door to a world of possibilities beyond the daily grind. Have you thought of breaking free from the traditional financial mold and creating wealth that transcends generations?


In this episode, Felecia Froe joins The Passive Road To Retirement hosted by Andrew Jarrett to share her journey from being a urologist to becoming a real estate syndicator focused on social impact investing. She discusses overcoming setbacks, the importance of financial freedom, and how to build generational wealth.


Get ready to be motivated, enlightened, and maybe even discover your own path to financial independence! 


00:00 - Introduction to Dr. Felecia Froe

03:57 - Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

09:01 - Multifamily Versus Single-Family

11:37 - Overcoming Hardships and Rebuilding

16:10 - Economy Rules & Wall Street Investing

20:40 - Mindsets and Daily Habits

24:28 - Closing Segment 

Resources Mentioned

Rich Dad Poor Dad


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"Nobody cares about my money more than I care about my money...Building it is on you. And having cash flow now lets you live the life you want to live now and not just wait and live for the future." -  Felecia Froe


"It's freeing once you've got passive income; essentially, once you have enough income passively from investments, it covers your expenses. You're pretty much retired." -  Felecia Froe