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Nov 3, 2021

Are you uncomfortable when talking about money? Lianne Hannaway is a Chartered Professional Accountant, an experienced financial executive and an investor who helps women gain confidence as they grow knowledge about their finances.

She is also the founder of Wealthnuvo, a financial platform designed to help good savers become badass investors and build generational wealth. She is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs and business owners to take control of their financial health by investing, saving and understanding their money numbers so they aren’t hit with huge tax bills every year.

Tune in to hear how Lianne is helping women break the cycles of wealth disparity and meet their life goals with unbounded ambition. You’ll learn about ways to create a diversified portfolio, how a CFO can change your business, and more! Plus, get all of the details on her Beyond Money Summit, Nov. 18-19, where Felecia will serve as a guest speaker highlighting ways to invest to build wealth that lasts.

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