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Jan 11, 2023

Sophia Olivas is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, and Conscious Capital Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Ever Smart City, an initiative that collaborates technology to create affordable housing and sustainable living.EverSmart City’s mixed-use development will feature eco-friendly “smart homes” and welcome 200 small businesses to the Phoenix metro area. Sophia Olivas is a technology innovator, visionary, and passionate leader. Before the age of 25, she was investing in real estate, owned a tech company, raised $30 million in 28 days, and launched an online banking project for a Top 5 financial institution. She is the first woman to own a crypto hedge fund, and currently works on Smart Technology and Green Energy projects.


2:00 - Apple declining women for credit cards

3:00 - Choosing homelessness and hunger 

4:30 - Tech in the early ’90s

5:30 - Women’s impact on the world

7:55 - Making choices at 14

10:40 - Blockchain

13:15 - Crypto and digital currency

14:40 - Accessing Blockchain

15:30 - NFTs 

20:15 - Blockchain hacking

22:45 - Metaverse

26:00 - Technology in Medicine

28:30 - Abundance of cryptocurrencies

29:45 - Ever Smart City

36:30 - Connecting with Sophia

37:00 - Giving the power back to humanity

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