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Oct 14, 2022

Nancy is a physician, eye surgeon, entrepreneur and impact real estate investor. As an ophthalmologist, she has made a real difference in thousands of lives by solving people’s most pressing eye problems and performing sight-saving eye surgeries. She helps people to see better so they can regain their identity, dignity, and vision for the future.

Nancy started investing in real estate to create passive income, hoping to regain control of her time and stop trading time for money. She currently owns and operates a real estate investment portfolio in the Atlanta area.

She founded Clear Vision Investing to not only grow her own portfolio, but also to help others realize the power of real estate. She is passionate about helping others, especially physicians, gain financial literacy and achieve financial security through real estate investing. She believes that financially-intelligent physicians can change medicine and the world for the better.As an impact investor, Nancy believes that real estate investing can deliver attractive financial returns while also making a positive social impact. Part of the profits from her company is donated to giving the gift of sight to someone in need and to cure preventable blindness globally.

Nancy is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Medical School. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two young daughters.


2:30 - Transition from ophthalmology to Real Estate investing

6:45 - Lack of time freedom

7:45 - Nancy’s love of the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad

10:00 - Lessons learned from Nancy’s first Real Estate investment

13:45 - The tax benefits of passive income

14:25 - Syndication, Sponsors, and Passive Investors - what are they and what are they for?

18:00 - Was Nancy scared during her first investment?  YES.

19:00 - How Nancy learned to trust Sponsors

20:50 - Three things Nancy looks for in a Sponsor

29:20 - What you can do with your money right now

30:30 - Nancy’s positive impact on the world

35:45 - Nancy’s work with Give Sight Global

41:40 - Ways to connect with Nancy


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