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Nov 17, 2021

This episode is for any professional who spends their time for money. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer or executive, without passive income, most of your time will be spent making money instead of enjoying your life.

Dr. Tom Burns is an entrepreneur, an orthopedic surgeon and currently a physician for the United States Ski Team and travels worldwide with them. He has over 25 years of real estate experience involving acquisition, development and management. In addition to co-founding and managing a freestanding full service hospital, he has owned and developed property locally and internationally and participated in the acquisition and development of over $400 million dollars of real estate. He is also listed in the acknowledgement section of Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and he’s the author of Why Doctors Don't Get Rich, a personal finance guide for doctors and other professionals.

Tom talks about how he learned that having passive income gave him options to practice his profession as he wanted. Hear how reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book and playing the Cashflow Game changed how he views money and how he’s helping others do the same.  Plus, you’ll learn what Tom is doing with his time and money to help change the world.

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