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Oct 20, 2022

Dr. Nicole Bramwell opened CFI Weight Loss Home of HealthyCurves in 2013, after becoming frustrated with the limited time to counsel patients and families on proper nutrition & maintaining a healthy weight. She felt follow up with patients every few months was inadequate & ineffective in making a true difference in her patients’ health & wellbeing.

Dr. Bramwell, also affectionately known as Dr. B,  has been married for almost 22 years & is mother to an amazing daughter currently in college. Dr. Bramwell graduated from Howard University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. She earned an MBA from Webster University during her year as Chief Resident & Junior Faculty at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando Florida.

Dr. Nicole Bramwell brings her compassionate and uplifting approach and the integration of plant based supplements to optimize and balance total body system functions.

2:30 - What led Dr. Bramwell to Medicine

4:30 - Dr. Bramwell’s entrepreneurial dreams

5:50 - Dr. Bramwell’s hospital work history 

7:45 - The Business of Medicine

9:30 -  Dr. Bramwell’s decision on leaving Medicine

11:30 - Network Marketing

15:45 - Dr. Bramwell’s Healthy Curves program

17:15 - Dr. Bramwell’s problem with Dr. Oz

18:45 - The negative side of Dr. Bramwell’s position

20:10 - Professional violations

20:45- Taking care of yourself

21:45 - The year of NO

25:10 - commercial

27:45 - Dr. Bramwell’s current mission

31:00 - Network Marketing skills

33:10 - Dr. Bramwell’s Real Estate income

39:45 - Giveaway! Email

40:30 - Ways to connect with Dr. Bramwell