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Mar 1, 2023

Darren is the Co-Founder and President of the AgroNosotros Group of companies in Panama and Belize.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Darren moved offshore at 19, and has lived offshore in dozens of countries around the world, adapting to different cultures and languages over the last two decades.

Darren has been instrumental to the growth of AgroNosotros over the last 6 years through offering outside investors the opportunity to participate alongside the company as passive investors in turn-key managed specialty coffee and cacao farms in Panama and Belize. With $15M+ raised, and over 600+ farm parcels sold to 400+ clients, Darren oversees all owner and investor relations, from maintaining healthy relationships with existing clients, to raising capital and forging client relationships with new investors/owners. 

From their Panama City office, Darren is also actively involved in developing the channels to market and distribute their specialty coffee and fine flavor chocolate wholesale and retail products to high-end customers nationally in Panama and Belize, as well as internationally in Europe, Asia, the US and CARICOM.

2:45 - Darren’s life in Ireland

4:00 - How Darren started investing

5:00 - AgroNosotros history and business model

7:00 - Investing in farms

10:00 - Providing for and including the coffee farm workers

12:30 - What intrigued Darren to do the work

14:45 - Benefitting the families of the coffee farm workers

17:10 - Darren’s business partners

18:20 - Where Darren does business

21:00 - Private and group tours of the farms

22:00 - Protecting the environment

26:00 - Investing in Darren’s farms

28:20 - Darren’s current investors

31:30 - Long-term investing

36:45 - Connecting with Darren