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Dec 1, 2021

From his first investment in himself as an MD, MBA student to his first real estate investment while a resident, Eric Tait shares his entrepreneurial journey with us

Eric always wanted to practice medicine but realized that to do it on his terms, he needed other streams of income, so he became an active real estate investor and syndicator. Eric and his wife, who is also a physician, founded Vernonville Asset Management where they help busy professionals invest in real estate. As a co-founder in Urban Capital Network, Eric helps busy professionals access investment opportunities with new tech companies at early stages. He explains how these companies are valued and how they decide where to invest. As social impact investing is close to the heart of Money With Mission’s purpose, Eric and the other founders take part of their earnings and “Angel Invest” in companies led by women and people of color who are underrepresented when it comes to receiving venture capital funding. 

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