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Mar 15, 2023

David is currently the Co-Founder, Chairman and CMO of Precision Health Technology Holdings. PHTH is a health technology and product platform on a mission to reimagine healthcare in the United States extending democratized and affordable access to cutting edge preventive screening protocols, AI, leading health products, and proactive health lifestyle environments on a national scale. David has a double degree in psychology and marketing from The University of Miami and serves as a director on several company and non-profit boards, including a directorship on the S.J. & Jesse E. Quinney Foundation.

1:15 - David’s road to co-founding FHIOS Health

6:00 - Vision of FHIOS Health

10:45 - Why a consumer would use FHIOS Health

14:00 - Two ways to interact with your health

18:10 - FHIOS Health affordability

22:00 - Oasis Fund

26:30 - Is it helpful to Physicians?

27:30 - How FHIOS Health partners with Physicians

31:00 - Referrals, insurance, and conflicts of interest

36:30 - Patient information protection

41:45 - Investing in FHIOS Health

47:15 - Connecting with FHIOS Health