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Jun 10, 2022

Do you believe it's possible to secure your freedom and launch a legacy through the power of real estate investing? Black Swan Real Estate is a business that inspires others to drop their superhero cape and collaborate to make a real difference in the world. They believe that by making a difference in the lives of others, they can create a legacy of positive social impact. In this week's episode, the Co-Owner and Fund Manager, Nick Stageberg discloses why they focus on revitalizing communities and helping as many people as possible achieve financial freedom and the process they follow to find valuable properties and match them with incredible residents. Pay close attention to Nick's outlook on why helping people thrive in a growth mindset for wealth creation and full life makes a difference.

Nick with his wife, Dr. Elaine Stageberg, own and manage Black Swan Real Estate, a real estate investment and property management company based in Rochester, MN. In the last 10 years, Nick and Elaine built an impressive portfolio of 600 doors and over $130 million in assets under management. Their mission is to revitalize their community and help as many people as possible find financial freedom. Together, Nick and Elaine are putting our ding in the universe - one property and one relationship at a time.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 11:11] Opening Segment

• Nick introduces Black Swan Real Estate

• How Nick and Elaine revitalize their community and help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom.

• Nick shares how he transitioned from technology to real estate and how it was a blast to live with roommates and then children.

[11:12 - 21:40] Black Swan Real Estate: Changing The World

• How the culture of excellence brought to technology and medicine has been applied to the real estate business

• What happens when property management companies prioritize the needs of their investors or property over those of their residents

• Homeownership is not necessarily a bad thing as it can help increase the value of a property

• Nick explains how Black Swan Real Estate has built a large portfolio of single-family homes over the past few years


[21:41 - 29:42] How to Benefit From The Tax Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

• The tax benefits of investing in real estate, and how these benefits can be translated to individuals regardless of their income or wealth

• Passive income from real estate investments is taxed at a much lower rate than active income, and this tax advantage can be significant

• Why it is key to give residents a chance to voice their opinions before anything changes.


[29:43 - 37:46] Investing to Change Lives

• How the management company for a community of low-income residents changes over time

• How the management company tries to serve the residents in the best way possible

• Nick discloses how they buy and renovate apartments, creating more opportunities for residents to stay in their homes

[37:47 - 41:16] Closing Segment

• There are many ways to use your money to make a difference in the world

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Key Quotes:

"People try to resist that change, and you just can't do that. The only thing that is consistent in life has changed." - Nick Stageberg

 "We need to be making the world a better place to live in the most tangible sense of the word." - Nick Stageberg

"We have the privilege to serve people where they live and to literally make the world a better place to live." - Nick Stageberg

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