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Mar 30, 2023

With more than 30 years of experience in business management, he is a renowned executive with a vast knowledge in the field of business. His multifaceted career began in Spain at the age of 17 were he started a business of leather goods and other successful businesses. Back in Colombia he continued his ventures creating another 5 companies. In 1995 he traveled to the USA invited by a multinational, and became an administrative consultant to become CEO of a multinational company with operations in several countries. He entered the real estate business world of entrepreneurship with the purchase, fix and sale of houses; and created his flipping company. Then gave life to a consulting company to help various companies to organize and expand their products. His greatest passion is helping others, and this has been his driving force, that is why in 2017 he was asked to join Equity & Help as the Vice President of International Expansion, and due to his merits later became the CFO and today is the CEO/CFO. As one of the founders of the company, and 3 times awarded the Inc 500 for 3 years in-a-row, he has helped more than 600 families achieve the American dream of home ownership, just like he did. Today he is also a Philanthroinvestor who personally helps more families fulfill their American Dream.


00:46 - How Jaime found Philanthroinvestors

2:15 - Jaime’s Colombian roots

3:30 - Jaime’s dream of being a Doctor

5:00 - Equity and Help

6:00 - 50% of Americans will never own their own home

11:00 - How Equity and Help buys homes

14:30 - Who are the families and how Jamie finds them

20:00 - Thinking of yourself as the Bank

22:30 -  Who benefits?

24:15 - How it works (by the numbers)

28:00 - How Equity and Help and Philanthroinvestors make money

29:00 - Helping more than 600 families

33:00 - Before and After photos

35:00 - Becoming a Philanthroinvestor

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