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Nov 2, 2022

Originally from Harlingen, Texas, Dr. Roderick Capelo received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology at The University of Texas at Austin, then attended medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He completed his Orthopedic Surgery internship and residency at John Peter Smith/Fort Worth Affiliated Hospitals in 2004. During his first 2 years of residency, he was unsure what aspect of orthopedic surgery was right for him. His first rotation outside of John Peter Smith Hospital was in Pediatric Orthopedics at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, and he immediately found his calling. Within his first week on that rotation, Dr. Capelo knew that caring for children was his passion. Upon dedicating himself to treating children, he underwent specialized training in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery. He completed his fellowship training in Pediatric Orthopedics at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Dr. Capelo co-founded Pediatric Sports and Spine Associates in 2006. He has lived in the DFW Metroplex for over 20 years. He and his wife, Renee, have 2 daughters and a son. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading and listening to books on personal development, traveling, cooking, jogging, and working out. He and his family have lived in Colleyville since 2013. Dr. Capelo is Board Certified in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

2:50 - Roderick’s childhood dream of being an Orthopedic Surgeon

3:30 - How a patient at Dallas Children’s Hospital changed Roderick

4:50 - Out of control and wanting to quit

6:45 - Finding Real Estate investing

8:20 - Importance of Mentors and Masterminds

13:50 - Roderick’s first deal in 2017

15:40 - The importance of asking for help

16:45 - Deals gone bad

19:00 - Becoming a General Partner

21:20 - Advice for working with investors 

24:15 - Never put “only” and $100,000 in the same sentence

27:45 - Passive income and options

29:00 - Planning for financial freedom

32:30 - Multi-family investments

35:30 - Finding the time

38:15 - Connecting with Roderick