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Mar 22, 2023

Rose Vitale, the managing member of DRA, is an investor and serial entrepreneur who has been helping female entrepreneurs secure capital. She is committed to helping female business owners secure funding for their businesses. Last year, she personally launched “FundHer World,” a massive campaign donating personal money to empower women both locally, nationally and, in some cases, internationally. Vitale is a pioneer with one goal: support and empower women. Her mission is to change female entrepreneurs’ lives with all her efforts this year. That is her vision and she is doing it!

3:30 - Pivoting in business

6:00 - Fostering women in business

9:15 - Trusting your instincts

10:00 - What is a Family Office

12:00 - Importance of having a team

14:00 - Learning curves

15:30 - Connecting with others

17:00 - Vertical Harvest Farms

18:00 - Women and minority-led investing

19:45 - Future of DRA

22:15 - Partnering with Rose

24:45 - Rose’s motivation for success

26:30 - Felecia’s motivation for success

27:30 - Investing in women

33:00 - What does success mean to you?

35:00 - Connecting with Rose 

38:00 - FundHer World

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