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May 15, 2024

Can financial empowerment catalyze social change? Tune in with Dr. Felecia Froe and Tawana Rivers as they explore the transformative impact of community-driven investment. In this engaging discussion, Tawana shares her journey from financial struggle to leading the 10K Project, which champions economic empowerment through strategic education and collective action. This episode offers insights into overcoming economic hurdles, the power of community support, and innovative wealth-building strategies that challenge conventional financial systems.

Through the 10 K Project's impactful initiatives, listeners will learn effective financial strategies and the power of community investment. 


Discover how collective efforts can drive social change and personal growth. Tune in to this inspiring episode to see how you can benefit from and contribute to economic empowerment efforts. Whether you're enhancing financial understanding or seeking inspiration, take advantage of rethinking the role of money in driving mission-driven change.

00:00 – Introduction to Tawana Rivers and the 10K Project

07:04 – Overcoming Personal Financial Challenges

14:24 – The 10K Project: A Model for Community Empowerment

24:56 – Building Wealth through Education and Collective Investment

35:12 – Future Goals and Expanding Impact

44:00 – Closing and Call to Action


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Key Quotes:

“It is my right to be here, earned through the lessons of my mistakes” - Tawana Rivers

"Knowledge must be shared; it's up to you to use it effectively." - Dr. Felecia Froe