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Nov 16, 2022

Dr. Johanna B. Moore is a triple board-certified physician, respected medical director of multiple laboratories, and mother of twins, who found herself overwhelmed instead of fulfilled by the life that she worked so hard to achieve. She realized that success wasn't what she thought it would be, so she set on a journey to find a life that was truly fulfilled.

 Now, Johanna lives her own true version of success, defined by fulfillment in what she chooses to do now and a deep passion for her vision of the future. Her transformation is so life-changing that she is driven to build her success strategy company, She is Money. Through She is Money and its membership, the So Money Society, she teaches and coaches the success strategy that continues to change her life to high achieving women, so that they can truly thrive instead of feeling chained to their achievements.  

 The So Money Society is the place where intelligent, ambitious women ditch distraction, disappointment, and overwhelm to create their own versions of success, in and out of work.The purpose is to guide you to advance in your career and personal life with joy and tenacity alongside a group of amazing women just like you, who want to grow and change the world.

2:00 - What does “she is money” have to do with Johanna’s daughter?

4:30 - Being born with endless possibilities

5:30 - Johanna’s stressful journey to becoming a Physician 

8:15 - Feeling like a failure after being admitted to Harvard

10:45 - Where did Johanna’s passion come from?

13:15 - Are Doctors supposed to suffer?

15:15 - Deciding their is more than Medicine

18:00 - Misconceptions and Expectations

23:25 - Is Johanna’s daughter named “Money”?

26:15 - Becoming A Coach

27:10 - She Is Money

29:00 - Believing you have no other choice

35:15 - Support on a new venture

37:00 - Managing your mind

39:30 - The importance of influence

40:50 - Defining success for yourself

42:15 - Connecting with Johanna

If the Society sounds like just the thing you need to create your own version of success, Johanna’s saving you a seat!  Sign up at: