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Dec 21, 2022

Angel is a Co-Founder of The Academy Presents and a Managing Partner of Lorren Capital, LLC with her husband Jason. Through their investing and syndications they bring their investors passive income with their buy-and-hold strategy with multifamily residences. They have been in the Dallas/Ft Worth and Waco markets for over 20 years. Another key to the company’s strategy is the simple fact that Lorren Capital LLC maintains apartments that people want to live in. This “good-neighbor” approach attracts investors who believe that long-term profits are more secure when they are derived from satisfied customers.

2:00 - History of Lorren Capital, LLC

4:15 - From single family investing to multi-family investing with a mentor

6:30 - Mentors and coaches for passive investors

9:30 - Angel’s first property 

10:00 - Buy and Hold model

10:30 - Infinite Returns

12:15 - Fear of rent increases

15:00 - Making a profit and philanthropy

18:45 - The Academy Presents

19:45 - Helping teachers

23:30 - $100,000 philanthropy goal

26:40 - Connecting with Angel


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