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Oct 11, 2023

Ever wondered why your life unfolds the way it does? Join us on a journey of self-discovery as we delve into the unconscious choices that shape our everyday lives.

Today, we have a special guest, Brett Riggins, The Real Estate Mogul, MD, who guides physicians on real estate investing without leaving their medical careers behind.

Get ready for an enlightening conversation!

Brett Riggins is a twenty-year real estate veteran and founder of Physician Wealth Systems - a complete real estate acquisition solution. PWS offers to find, buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and manage real estate properties on behalf of physicians. After 12 months, physicians will own 12 rental properties that generate passive income.

Felecia Froe, MD is a licensed urological surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She owns Money With Mission, an investment company that empowers professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through social impact investing.

00:00 - From Struggles to Success: Brett Riggins' Journey in Real Estate
15:46 - Physician Wealth Systems: A Mindset Transformation
30:15 - Exploring Multiple Income Streams and Financial Freedom
35:04 - Discovering Wealth-Building Strategies for Physicians
41:41 - A Journey to Smiles and Fulfillment
43:17 - Closing Segment

Physician Wealth Systems
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"Plant the seed of curiosity, take action, and grow wisdom – it's the path to a fulfilling life." - Brett Riggins