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Mar 16, 2022

Do you believe that investing in real estate is risky? The power of real estate is often underrated for people who are not really involved in it. It’s time for you to change that mindset and see the great opportunities you could have in this industry to build wealth. Today,  Nicole Pendergrass shares relevant insights about how to encourage the financially insecure to build wealth and start investing in multifamily.

Nicole, a health care worker, is the founder and CEO of Noirvest Holdings. She is passionate about equity in opportunities to create financial freedom and believes in the transformational power of real estate. Nicole started her real estate journey with no money, no credit, and no connections. She bootstrapped a couple of unsuccessful ventures while building her credit and savings and finally purchased a 3 family house hack.

Let’s jump into how Nicole built a legacy and started helping people to become financially secure! 

[00:01 - 08:33] Opening Segment

  • Nicole shares her background 
    • How she started to know about real estate 
    • How she understood ways people build wealth with real estate
    • The decision to sign up for a coaching program
    • Work in a hospital
  • How to help people be aware that is possible to build wealth with real estate 
    • Do postings centered around mindset

[08:34 - 20:12]  Empower People to Invest in Multifamily

  • Nicole talks about how she got her first loan
    • The possibility of having a personal guarantee or guarantor
  • Why Nicole wants to build a legacy and empower people to invest in multifamily
  • Nicole’s advice for people who are doing everything by themselves
    • Partners expand capabilities of what you can do
    • Analyze if your missions and values are aligned with your partners
    • Be careful of who you network with
  • Nicole discloses deals and projects she is working on
    •  Look at some short term rentals and start a direct to seller campaign      

[22:13 - 34:09]   Become Financially Secure

  • Communication and network are critical in real estate
  • People should take action and start doing something small 
    • You don't have to buy a 100 unit building on your first deal to make a difference in your life
  • How to help people who are financially insecure 
    • Create some type of fund and have a learning component 


[34:40 - 37:35] Closing Segment

Connect with Nicoles on LinkedIn Instagram,  and Facebook. Check out Noirvest Holdings, build wealth passively through multifamily real estate!

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Tweetable Quotes:

“You're going to get further with partners. You might go faster alone, or you might get slower alone. It just depends on your situation. But partners are going to expand the capabilities of what you can do.” -  Nicole Pendergrass

“Communication is absolutely key when you're investing with someone passively.” - Nicole Pendergrass

“I just think that the power of real estate is so underrated and underappreciated for the people who are not really in it because they only see the risk.” -Nicole Pendergrass