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Oct 18, 2023

Discover the secrets to debt management, wealth building, and hiring the right financial advisor. Join us to take charge of your financial future today!


Today, we have two special guests, Sandi and Cammie, who work to assist individuals, families, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and wealth inheritors in managing their financial lives and achieving their goals.


Sandi, Chief Client Officer at Aspiriant, leads the Planning, Strategy, & Research team, responsible for the firm's advanced wealth planning platform, and co-hosts the Money Tales podcast. 


Cammie, a marketing professional at Aspiriant, joined the firm in 2005 as a sales and marketing manager. In 2016, she led a team of professionals in various initiatives. Passionate about empowering clients, Cammie is the Chief Marketing Officer, ensuring consistency across the brand and promoting the firm's forward-thinking approach to wealth management.

00:00 - Managing Wealth for a Greater Purpose

04:40 - Financial Mastery: Know Yourself, Learn, and Collaborate

11:06 - Aligning Financial Goals with Values

14:51 - Advisors Help to Organize, Uncover, and Achieve Financial Goals

22:24 - Seeking the Right Financial Advisor
32:30 - Normalizing Money Conversations

35:29 - Closing Segment

Resources Mentioned:


Financial Planning Association
Money Tales

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"Money can stir emotions that affect our financial decisions. Having an objective third party, like a financial advisor, can make a world of difference in our financial lives." - Sandi Bragar


"Your values dictate your ability to achieve financial goals." - Sandi Bragar