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Feb 1, 2023

Adam Carroll has decades of experience working with families and business owners who are interested in creating massive efficiencies when it comes to their income and wealth-building capacity. With an unwavering commitment to helping people make the most of the money they make while limiting risk, reducing tax liabilities, and increasing liquidity, Adam Carroll has spent 15 years helping people do more with the money they make. He is an internationally recognized financial literacy expert, author of three Amazon best-sellers, a two-time TED talk speaker with over 6 million views on YouTube and, and is the creator of the Broke, Busted & Disgusted documentary which aired on CNBC and is shown in hundreds of high schools and colleges across the country. He is the host of the Build A Bigger Life podcast, the curator of and the founder of The Shred Method™

2:30 - The need for talking about money started with a fight between Adam’s parents

4:30 - How Adam and his wife talk about money

9:10 - Student loan debt

11:15 - Disconnect between loan and repayment amounts

12:00 - Repayment methods

14:00 - The Shrink Method

16:00 - 4 things your income should do

17:30 - How banks make money off you

22:30 - 6-12 months of finances in the bank

23:30 - Do you need access to your money or do you need it available?

25:00 - Lines of credit

27:00 - How The Shred Method works

30:00 - Saving in Residency

34:00 - Invest for passive income

35:30 - Owning your income

38:00 - Connect with Adam

40:45 - Adam’s challenge for you