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Jan 25, 2023

Robin Binkley is the Co-Founder of Real Equity Investment Partners, is a Professional Real Estate Investor with a desire to make positive change in the world for women.  She aspires to assist women in learning about Financial Education and Money Management in the United States and abroad. She is motivated, inspired, and loves sharing her vision with others. It is her greatest desire for women and others to gain financial independence and freedom. Robin shares three beautiful adult children with her husband Brett; she is a Family Woman, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, and Syndicator.  Robin’s mission is to help you dream bigger than you thought possible and to help you develop a strategy to make it a reality.

1:30 - Becoming inspired to help women

3:30 - Women investors

5:30 - Robin’s start in Real Estate Investing

8:15 - From uninterested to interested

9:30 - Robin’s blessing in disguise

12:00 - Knowing the deal and the person you’re investing with

13:00 - OPM “Other People’s Money”

14:15 - Robin’s untraditional first investment

16:45 - Goal setting

19:30 - Single-family home management

20:30 - Helping women manage their money

22:00 - Ladies Kickin’ Assets

22:45 - Finishing what you start

24:00 - The importance of action and taking steps

27:00 - Relationship building

29:45 - Bitcoin mining fund

31:30 - Portfolio diversification

33:00 - Connecting with Robin