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Apr 27, 2022

Have you ever heard about Carbon Capture Technology? What if I tell you that investing in those projects could be one way to help the environment and reduce your tax burden. In this week’s episode, Dr. Eric N. Shelly and I get into the weeds on carbon capture. We talk about the environmental impact of this technology and how investing in this technology is beneficial to your bottom line with tax savings as well as cash flow. Eric talks about different ways that this technology impacts us and our environment through carbon capture and sequestration which decreases greenhouse gas and enhanced oil recovery decreasing the number of oil wells that need to be drilled. Our government wants private investors to provide these services and provides significant tax benefits against W-2 income. 

Dr. Eric is an entrepreneur and investor. After earning a BA in Physics at Franklin & Marshall College and a DMD from the University of Pennsylvania, Eric established and grew a thriving multi-doctor, a multi-office dental business that has prospered for three decades. Eric sold his dental business and now focuses on sharing his skills, connections, knowledge, and opportunities with successful professionals. He and his team build and manage diversified strategic portfolios and projects targeting high yields, tax advantages, and equity growth and preservation. Currently, Eric and his team are focusing on the clean energy technology space, where they have acquired over $50 million in assets over the past 2 years.

Listen and enjoy!

Key Highlights:

[00:02 - 07:42] Opening Statement

Eric shares his background and work experience

When Eric decided to start looking at real estate and decide that you were ready to get rid of the dentistry

Real estate has been a critical component of the financing of Eric's practice

[07:42 - 19:44] Investing in Buildings Along with Practice Finance

Why Eric ended up investing in carbon capture technology

Eric shares capital gains and taxes when selling his properties

How new technology for cleaning up gas works

[19:45 - 29:43] Doing Carbon Dioxide Removal

The economic benefits of carbon capture and storage (CCS) 

Freedom Energy funds essentially raise money to buy equipment in various packages

How Eric’s project takes advantage of the oil drilling deduction

[19:45 - 36:58] The Economic and Environmental Benefits

How to offset taxes with investments in projects that improve the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere

The risks and rewards associated with investing in a fund that uses leverage

The reason why tax advice should be sought before making any investment decisions

[36:59 - 38:15] Closing Segment

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“Before storage technology, the gas with the CO2 would come out of the ground. They would have to take all of that product to someplace to have it cleaned up so that then the gas could be used for what the gas was going to be used for." - Eric Shelly

By capturing and storing CO2, we're able to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels while maintaining a healthy environment. This is an important technology because we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in a way that doesn't have a negative impact on the environment.” - Eric Shelly