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Dec 28, 2022

Dr Rene Stokes is board-certified in both Child/Adolescent Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatry and is passionate about decreasing stigma for mental health treatment and improving access to mental health treatment by supporting primary care settings, schools, and other settings that support children and adults everywhere. Additionally, Dr Stokes maintains a small clinical psychiatric practice where she places emphasis on alleviating psychiatric symptoms with a root-cause approach. Dr Stokes is also very interested in using investing as a tool to create a more balanced lifestyle.

1:15 - financial literacy

3:30 - 3:1 goal

9:00 - conviction vs stock price

12:45 - bitcoin 

15:30 - leaving 50 hour work weeks


16:30 - season of NO

18:30  - control of time

23:30 - dollar cost averaging

26:00 - real estate investing

30:30 - Mocha Medicine

36:00 - connecting with Rene


Mocha Medicine Financial Freedom Seekers