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Mar 2, 2022

In this episode, we talk about having an impact and leaving a legacy by helping children. The teen suicide rate is way too high, loneliness is at an all-time high. Being able to connect and talk to our children is critical, and Dr. Lulu can help you to feel confident when you are interacting and pivoting with your child.

Dr. Lulu is the CEO of and Dr. Lulu’s Youth Health Center, both dedicated to Youth Suicide Prevention. She is a 2020 TEDx, United Nations, and Global Pan African Nations Speaker, a 3-time bestselling author, and a freelance writer. Dr. Lulu coaches parents of LGBTQ children, helping them accept, understand and support their children so they can thrive and flourish without judgment or limitations. 

Listen in, learn how supporting all children, helping them to become healthy adults can be part of your legacy.


[00:01 - 10:14] Opening Segment


  • Dr. Lulu talks about her background and story
    • LGTBQ+ activist
    • Pediatrician
    • Her mission is to end suicide
    • Coaching and speaking to entrepreneurs 
  • When Dr. Lulu had clear what her mission was
    • A kid who tried to commit suicide twice in 2016
    • Psychic pain, bullying by peers, verbal assaults by parents
    • Generational trauma and healing


[10:15 - 26:04] The Role of Social Impact


  • Listen to the words you are saying to yourself
    • Gender fluidity is a whole spectrum


  • It’s not only about having a child, it’s about raising it


  • Social impact is bigger than just the investment
    • Dr. Lulu’s perspective about helping the parents of LGTBQ+ children
    • Investing in life, love, being present and intentional
    • Investing in connection with yourself [parents] and your child
  • Dr. Lulu shares what parents should consider when they don’t accept an LGTBQ+ child 
    • You don’t have to accept it, but your child is who they are
    • Children could not live their authentic lives to please their parents
    • Think about how kids are feeling



[26:05 - 37:40]   Raising and Supporting LGBTQ+ Children


  • Dr. Lulu’s outlook about treating the trauma associated with being that person that is leading to suicide
  • Trauma-informed care and education
  • Children need one single trusted adult
  • The importance of raising and saving a child
  • What parents should take into account to support their children
    • Ask your children how they are feeling
      • How can I support you with and through this?
      • How can I make it easy for you?
    • Hear your kids and be for them
  • We can have an impact if we see children as who they are


[37:41 - 44:47] Closing Segment


  • Dr. Lulu’s advice for parents 
  • Positively support your LGTBQ+ children
  • Her coming book!


  • Queer Faqs


  • How to connect with Dr. Lulu and her work
    • Links below 
  • Give a review and rating, and share this episode with others
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“When a child is gay, the truth is they will gravitate towards people like them.” - Dr. Lulu


“If I want to be in my child's life in the future, I need to allow myself to see it from their own lens, as opposed to seeing it from my lens.” -  Dr. Lulu

“If you can have generational trauma being passed down, you can also potentially have generational healing.” - Dr. Lulu

Resources Mentioned:


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