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May 3, 2023

Authority, responsibility, and accountability. These are the elements needed to delegate to empower someone.  However, as business owners or principal investors, we should be on top of our finances.

In this talk, Felecia Froe and Gary Wilson discuss delegation, control, and many other things about investing on your own. Listen as Gary invites us to “come to the water on our own terms”.

Gary Wilson is an award-winning real estate coach and 5-time author.  His “The Massive Passive Cashflow Podcast” guides professionals to financial prosperity through smart investing strategies.


00:00 - Start of Something New

02:29 - Learn How To Fish

14:47 - Importance of Building a Team

17:27 - Borrow Only What You Need

21:54 - Master The Skills Of Being The Business Owner

27:44 - Delegate Responsibility, Not Control

30:44 - Assets vs Liabilities

36:48 - Be a Licensed Realtor


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“Delegate responsibilities, but not control.” - Gary Wilson

“Only leverage debt to acquire income-producing assets.” - Gary Wilson