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May 31, 2023

What’s your goal of having a side hustle? 


In this Wealth Matters Podcast episode, Alpesh dig deep into Felicia’s early days of real estate investing and wealth builders and made her reflect on what she is today.


Alpesh Parmar is the host of the real asset investing Podcast – “Wealth Matters”. Alpesh is also co-author of Amazon’s  # 1 Bestselling book – Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback. 


Felecia Froe, MD is a licensed urological surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She is the owner of Money With Mission, an investment company focused on empowering professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through social impact investing.


00:00 - The Early Days of On-the-side Investing

07:07 - Importance of Side Hustles

10:56 - Creating Side Hustle while Working Full Time

13:18 - Business Relationships and Partnerships 

14:06 - Time Management

16:14 - Finding What Makes You Happy

18:37 - Side Hustles to Empower Women 

21:30 - Consequence of Wrong Investment

23:46 - The Best Investment

25:05 - Dealing with Inflation/Upcoming Recession

27:39 - Advice to New Investors

28:50 - Giving Back

Invest and Grow Together.

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“Passive Income is important.” - Felecia Froe, MD

“Let money work for you while you have fun.” - Felecia Froe, MD