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Jan 4, 2023

Sonya Rocvil is the Principal and Founder of Bedrock Real Estate Investors, a privately-owned real estate company, specializing in the acquisitions and asset management of multifamily apartments in the United States. She has syndicated and operated multifamily deals totaling 422 units. She has also been an equity partner for multifamily investments totaling over 400 units.

Sonya began her career as an auditor and later transitioned to finance at a Fortune 500 Company. Her depth of knowledge in business analytics and strategic implementations that drive growth has made her successful in acquiring and operating multifamily properties. 

Sonya is an Adjunct Instructor for the NYU School of Professional Studies and serves as Treasurer of the Council of Urban Real Estate. She is also an active member of her local merchant association. Sonya holds a Master of Business Administration from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Rutgers University. She is also a graduate of Project REAP (Real Estate Associate Program). Sonya is a Certified Public Accountant and Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of New York.

2:15 - Why Sonya loves New York

5:45 - Sonya’s career as an Accountant

8:40 - Taking the leap to a new career

13:00 - What brought Sonya to real estate

16:00 - Multi-family properties

18:30 - How do you make it work vs Does this work

19:30 - Learning how investing works

20:15 - Limited partners vs general partners

21:00 - Operating properties and not managing 

22:00 - Bedrock Real Estate Investors

27:15 - Where Sonya chooses to invest

33:00 - Why diversifying is important

34:00 - Sonya’s social impact

36:40 - Connecting with Sonya



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