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Aug 10, 2022

With more than 30 years' experience in distressed-asset management and borrower advocacy, Jorge Newbery founded preREO with the goal of bringing stability to neighborhoods challenged by the blight of vacant homes. He empowers investors to revitalize their communities while creating financial gains for themselves. Throughout his career, Newbery has utilized optimism and resiliency to discover opportunity in adversity, founding numerous enterprises including preREO, the nation's leading online marketplace focused exclusively on the sale of distressed mortgages from institutions to retail investors, and American Homeowner Preservation, the country’s first crowdfunded distressed-mortgage investment platform. His book “Burn Zones,” offers lessons learned through his challenges and successes as an entrepreneur.

What we're talking about and when:

  • 1:40 How Jorge ended up with $26 million in debt
  • 4:35 Why Jorge formed a nonprofit to help families not lose their homes
  • 6:48 Why Jorge turned his nonprofit into a for profit business.
  • 10:49 Jorge’s simple approach to working with homeowners to settle debt.
  • 13:30 Becoming his own mortgage servicer.
  • 15:20 What is AHP Title?
  • 18:10 AHP Title’s focus on VA mortgages.
  • 20:40 Modifying loans vs not modifying loans.
  • 23:12 Jorge’s thoughts on the American economy collapse.
  • 25:25 When Jorge thinks the economy will improve.
  • 30:02 Single vs multi-family housing investing.
  • 33:08 The history of Jorge (pronounce George).
  • 36:00 How you can connect with Jorge