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Feb 15, 2023

Courtney is general partner at EMPR Investment Group, Bitcoin Mining Womxn, Invest on Main and Co-host of the Vodcast Ladies Kickin Assets.  She proudly served five years in the United States Navy, in the Persian Gulf, supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. After the Navy, Courtney learned about real estate as a realtor in West Texas for ten years. She was very successful and was working non-stop. That’s when she realized it's not about just earning money, but rather about affording the lifestyle you want, and the lifestyle Courtney had didn’t allow her to spend any time with her husband and kids. She then realized it's not about just earning money. It became about affording the lifestyle she wanted, and the lifestyle Courtney had didn’t allow her to spend any time with her husband and kids. She decided to begin investing: investing to accumulate the wealth she needed to live the life she wanted. 

Courtney is heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space from mining bitcoin to traditional investing to developing a real estate tokenization platform. She invests in ownership of petroleum and carbon capture with more than 60 wells throughout Texas. She also invests in traditional real estate.  She is passionate about delivering quality financial education.

Courtney believes wealth is not about accumulating money and assets. It’s about accumulating the means to live the life you want, and never settling for less. She believes in using what she’s learned to help others grow. 

Courtney’s main goal is to help you achieve financial freedom through syndications with superior returns and amazing tax benefits.


3:15 - Courtney’s life before passive income

6:10 - Courtney’s control problem

8:00 - Learning about Syndication

9:45 - Making money but not having time

10:45 - Inheriting a business

11:30 - Asking for help

13:00 - Building a network to be able to scale

14:30 - Courtney’s path to having control of her finances 

18:30 - What is Blockchain?

2330 - Bitcoin vs tokens

26:00 - Centralized vs decentralized Exchanges

27:00 - FTT tokens

29:20 - Crypto mining

33:30 - $90,000 a month in electric bills!?

36:30 - Tax benefits 

40:15 - Depreciation and passive income

44:30 - Money With Mission Investment Club

46:30 - Courtney’s favorite book

47:00 - Courtney’s Tokenization platform

50:00 - Connecting with Courtney