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Jun 5, 2024

Are you ready to challenge the notion that your career path is set in stone? Dr. Felecia Froe’s journey from urological surgeon to real estate investor and social impact advocate might inspire you to think differently. How can taking bold steps create meaningful change not only in your life but also in your community? This episode with Dr. Lisa Herbert and Dr. Felecia Froe delves into the potent intersection of financial independence, leadership, and community impact. Expect to hear about practical strategies for achieving financial freedom, real-life examples of social impact investing, and the importance of self-care for sustained success. Will you dare to make a bold choice in your career and life, and potentially make a significant social impact?

Tune in to hear Dr. Felecia Froe’s inspiring story and discover how bold decisions can lead to profound personal and community transformation. Will you leap a more fulfilling and impactful career? Listen now to find out!


00:00 - Welcoming Dr. Felecia Froe

03:20 - From Veterinary Dreams to Urology

10:48 - Discovering a New Path

18:00 - Making a Difference Through Social Impact

27:20 - Balancing Leadership and Self-Care

31:28 - Final Thoughts and Call to Action


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Key Quotes:

"When I considered making a different choice, it wasn't quitting. It was about empowering others 

to see new possibilities." - Dr. Felecia Froe


"We all can have the life we want. It just takes the cash, the mindset, and the drive to get there." - Dr. Felecia Froe