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May 25, 2022

Buying a home can be a difficult process, especially for those with poor credit, no credit, and a limited amount to invest. However, there are incredible people out there that ensure everyone has different alternatives to owning the house of their dreams. In this episode, Brian O'Neill, the CEO, and Founder of BKW Property Solutions shares his journey in providing flexible real estate solutions for buyers and sellers in the Greater Chicagoland area and beyond. He believes in giving back to the community and believes that helping his clients realize their dreams is one way he can do that. Let's dig into the alternative ways to buy and sell a house!

Key Highlights:

[00:02 - 06:06] Opening Segment

Brian O'Neill introduces BKW Property Solutions

How to provide flexible solutions for both buyers and sellers

There are many ways people can sell a house

[06:07 - 19:09] Have A Strong Why Behind Your Business

How creative financing will help people who can't or don't want to sell their house in the traditional market

Brians shares an experience where a buyer could buy a property without having to pay any upfront costs

The resources and education that BKW provides to help self-employed

How BKW is looking to improve neighborhoods by purchasing houses and making them better

[19:10 - 25:32] How Investors Can Help You Serve Your Neighborhood's Mission

How Brian wants to help improve neighborhoods while keeping the people that live there affordable

Brian is willing to work with sellers and buyers to make sure that everyone is successful

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Key Quotes:

"We want to make sure [people's] down payment funds are available, whether it's some now and some over the course of the term that they're in the house so that we put them in the best position to win." - Brian O'Neill

"It's important to have a strong why behind your business." - Brian O'Neill

"Selling of your house is a, is a big financial commitment, but it's emotional too." - Brian O'Neill

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