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Dec 20, 2023

What does it mean to be wealthy? Does financial success alone lead to happiness and fulfillment? 


In this episode, entrepreneur and millionaire coach Krisstina reveals that true wealth lies at the intersection of financial prosperity and vibrant health and wellness. After nearly losing her life and business due to poor self-care, Krisstina shares crucial lessons on achieving balance, listening to your body's needs, and defining what a "good life" truly means for you.


Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, millionaire coach, international speaker, and Amazon bestselling author. After years of chasing entrepreneurial success at the expense of her health, Krisstina founded WealthyWellthy to teach others how to achieve financial wealth and well-being at the same time.

00:00 - The Birth of WealthyWellthy

06:19 - Celebrating Wins and Avoiding Burnout

13:06 - Investing in Your Well-Being

16:55 - Embracing Radical Change

21:39 - The Money-Mindset Link

22:14 - A Personal Shift from Wealth to Wellness

25:49 - Passive Income and Financial Freedom

33:28 - Taking Control of Your Money and Health

37:59 - Closing Segment

Resources Mentioned

Book: Falling for Money



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"This F1 car body of mine needs a lot of financial investment to keep it running. Previously, I treated it like an F1 car but neglected essential maintenance—I didn't change the oil, I didn't use supreme gas, and I didn't change the tires. As a result, the car gave out. Similarly, our bodies will give up if we don't invest in them." - Krisstina Wise


"We shouldn't abdicate our money or our health. Just as we invest in assets for financial security, we need to invest in our well-being. It's about taking ownership, understanding, and making the right choices for both our money and our health." - Krisstina Wise